Patient Care Coordinator

Carolyn Ascoli

Carolyn joined PuraVida in 2012. Her solid experience in the healthcare environment results in her ability to deal successfully with the demands of a busy and diverse patient base. Carolyn oversees all aspects of the patient experience. Her primary purpose is to ensure that your every need is met, your every question answered and that your PuraVida experience is fabulous. Born and raised in Maryland, her mission work in Haiti is her passion and she loves spending time with her husband and three great kids.

Fun Fact: We call Carolyn, “Saint Carolyn” because she is so sweet. She lives up to her namesake in every way. For over 15 years, she’s been going to Haiti to support a school of 500 children. We suspect if Carolyn took 23&Me we’d confirm she is in fact related to Mother Teresa.

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