Photo Rejuvenation Therapy with Sciton BBL (BroadBand Light)


Photorejuvenation, sometimes referred to as a photofacial, is a fast, noninvasive skin treatment that uses high-intensity pulses of broadband light to effectively treat skin discoloration, aging and other common skin conditions.

At Pura Vida Medspa & Cosmetic Laser Center, we use Sciton BBL because it is a revolutionary skin revitalizing treatment that targets skin imperfections and signs of aging on a molecular level. This renowned laser resurfacing treatment will dramatically improve skin texture, reducing blemishes and fine lines while bringing out your natural radiance.

Achieve younger, smoother and brighter-looking skin with no downtime or surgical intervention thanks to our cutting-edge photorejuvenation technology.

What Is Photorejuvenation Therapy?

Photorejuvenation uses highly intense pulses of lasers, light or photodynamic therapies to naturally stimulate the skin to encourage it to renew and heal itself. The heat-based energy disrupts deep skin cells, causing the body to respond by creating new, more youthful and healthy-looking skin cells.

Conditions treated with photorejuvenation

Photorejuvenation is a cosmetic treatment that uses lasers and photodynamic therapy to improve the appearance of the skin. It can reduce blotchiness, skin redness, and sun damage to give an even, more radiant complexion.

Photojuvenation reduces hyperpigmentation and skin redness, creating a more even complexion. It can also make the skin appear more youthful and radiant. This treatment reduces or even eliminates wrinkles and fine lines by stimulating the production of elastin and collagen.

This treatment can help in the healing of active acne breakouts as well as eliminate the bacteria that causes breakouts. If you get invasive cosmetic procedures like chemical peels, photorejuvenation can help speed up the healing process by increasing blood circulation in the target area while reducing inflammation.

Why We Use the Sciton BBL for Photorejuvenation

We use Sciton BBL because it is the next generation of phototherapy which improves the skin with no downtime. This photorejuvenation technology can minimize visible signs of sun damage, acne, redness, aging, and pigmentation anywhere on the body.

This advanced treatment uses pulses of light energy to gently heat the surface of the skin. This induces the body’s natural healing process to enhance elastin and collagen production and leave you with luminous and youthful skin.

Unlike other treatments available, Sciton BBL requires no downtime. You will be able to go back to work or enjoy social activities straight after treatment. There is no heavy or time-intensive post-care recovery period needed. The advanced cooling technology ensures that the photorejuvenation period is quick, safe and comfortable

Why Choose Pura Vida Medspa

Pura Vida Medspa was founded in 2008 by Dr. Leslie Apgar. The Fulton, MD based PuraVida team specializes in advanced aesthetic and anti-aging procedures led by the expertise of Dr. Apgar. Our goal is to enhance your natural beauty by using minimally invasive and painless techniques. We customize all our services to your specific needs, creating a positive, relaxing and luxurious experience.

We are proud to be respected in the industry and to have earned accolades and praise as one of Howard County’s Top Medical Spas and Cosmetic Laser Centers. Pura Vida is also proud to be a member of Cartessa Aesthetics Elite Inner Circle. Our team keeps up to date with the newest technologies, including photorejuvenation therapy as well as mastering the current techniques.

Ideal Candidates for Photorejuvenation

Photorejuvenation is an ideal no downtime treatment for sun-damaged and pigmented skin. Broad Band Light (BBL) has a regenerative effect which will help your skin look more youthful. If you want clearer, smooth, more vibrant, and more youthful-looking skin, you are the ideal candidate for photorejuvenation. Restore your natural beauty with minimal invasiveness.

The heat absorbed by the targeted areas will stimulate your skin cells to regenerate. This process will restore your skin to its natural beauty, making it clearer, smoother, vibrant, and younger-looking. Photorejuvenation is recommended for those with various skin problems such as:  

  • Sun damage
  • Small blood vessels and rosacea
  • Acne
  • Dark spots and liver spots
  • Rosacea (redness of nose and/or cheeks)
  • Aging Skin
  • Loss of firmness
  • Melasma
  • Fine lines
  • Spider veins
  • Scarring
  • Mottled pigmentation
  • Ruddy/dull complexion
  • Freckles
  • Unwanted hair
  • Broken blood vessels
  • Hyperpigmentation

Before & Afters

Most patients see improvements in their skin within one to two weeks after out photorejuvenation. The skin will appear smoother, and fine lines and wrinkles will appear reduced. Older patients will see results around two weeks after the treatment, with brown and red spots becoming less noticeable.

Hyperpigmented lesions will start to break up and get recycled by the body. After around a month, sun damage will begin to subside and fine lines around the forehead, eyes, nose, brow, lips and jawline will appear minimized.

What to Expect From Your Sciton BBL Photofacial Treatment

During your initial BBL consultation, one of our expert team members will examine your skin to determine which areas to target. We will then create a treatment plan involving multiple laser therapy sessions.

BBL treatments usually last around 30 minutes, depending on the size of the treatment area. During the photofacial treatment, one of our team will apply a cooling gel to the treatment area and possibly a topical anesthetic. You will wear safety shields, glasses, or goggles, to keep your eyes protected.

You may experience a slight pulsation sensation and some mild pain. Your skin may also feel slightly warm and appear slightly red and swollen, like it has suffered from sunburn. You will receive thorough aftercare guidance once the procedure has finished.

Recovery and aftercare

You will experience a sensation of heat and mild swelling of the face will develop in the first 24 hours after the photorejuvenation therapy procedure. Over the next three days, there will be some mild flaking of the skin, but the swelling should settle after 48 hours. After 4 days, the skin will almost become totally healed but you may still suffer some lingering redness. This is a rough estimate, but the time will depend on the strength of the photorejuvenation therapy. Our practitioners will let you know the exact best aftercare for your exact treatment.

Your post-treatment skincare routine is vital to the procedure as the skin barrier has been temporarily impaired by the laser. If you start to use your normal skincare products too soon, you could cause irritation, inflammation and could take longer to heal.

After day 3, you will be able to return to a simple skincare and a basic makeup routine. Avoid picking at the flaking skin, picking will increase the likelihood of scarring occurring. After the first 3 days have elapsed you must use a sunscreen SPF 50 for the next 4 weeks. You must also minimize your sun exposure throughout the photorejuvenation therapy and for 4 weeks after treatment.


According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, the average cost of photorejuvenation treatment nationally is $406. Expect to pay between $50 – $2,500 but the price will depend on location, the level of expertise and the treated area.

A photorejuvenation treatment may be slightly more expensive than IPL treatment. Advanced laser technologies are typically more expensive in comparison to light-based IPL therapy but are incredibly effective.

Our team is experienced in more than just photorejuvenation, we offer a broad array of complementary and alternative treatments.

We also offer CoolPeel™ — a cutting-edge skin treatment that can reduce the appearance of fine lines, sun damage, and pores while improving skin texture, also with minimal to zero downtime. It uses a high peak power short pulse on the skin without thermal damage for skin transforming results.

If you are concerned about rosacea, vascular lesions, superficial port-wine stains and want to diffuse telangiectasias, we recommend DenaVe. This is a more precise alternative to pulse-dyed lasers, delivering the same powerful wavelength only in a more versatile and controlled method. The DenaVe treatment minimizes side effects and downtime.

Lasers can also be used to treat spider and varicose veins. If you are concerned about cherry hemangioma, vascular birthmarks, and red colored scars, our lasers can help. Laser spider vein removal is a non-invasive and virtually pain-free procedure which uses a highly concentrated beam of light to remove spider veins. Laser spider vein removal uses an intense energy to destroy the small blood vessels in the surface of the skin, without harming the surrounding tissue. The body will then absorb the coagulated vessel.

The MicroLaserPeel procedure is if you want a more intense treatment for the skin. It is often used alongside photorejuvenation for a full treatment. The MicroLaserPeel uses a laser-precision peel to remove a thin layer of damaged skin to improve texture, minimize wrinkles, improve skin tone and give a more youthful appearance. It provides superior results because it can be administered with great precision of depth.

ProFractional laser treatments can be used to treat age and sunspots, reducing the appearance of uneven skin pigmentation, minimizing the appearance of wrinkles, improving stretch marks, and treating acne scarring with minimal to no downtime. This treatment works by causing tiny wounds to encourage your body’s natural healing process and the production of collagen. This is a better option if you want to target a very specific area and preserve the surrounding skin tissue.

Book Your Photorejuvenation Consultation

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Is BBL the same as Photofacial?

BBL is an enhanced form of an IPL Photofacials. Both treatments rely on the same photofacial or photorejuvenation techniques. Both procedures use light devices with multiple wavelengths with cut-off filters, this allows light bands of certain wavelengths to treat common skin concerns.

How often should you get Sciton BBL treatments?

Regular Sciton BBL treatments increase the overall effectiveness. Ideally, you should get Sciton BBL treatments between 6 months and once a year for maintenance. Many patients notice a difference after a single treatment, however, to enjoy the full benefits of Photo Rejuvenation, three to four treatments may be needed.

Does BBL laser damage skin?

BBL treatment works safely on light, untanned skin. BBL does carry a risk of scarring, burning or creating hyperpigmentation on olive or brown skin. Talk to us first if you have any concerns about damaged skin. 

Can the Sciton BBL be used with all skin types?

Yes, the Sciton BBL treatment is often suitable for use on most skin types and tones, including sensitive skin and those with darker skin tones.

How can you get ready for your Sciton BBL treatment?

To enhance the results of your treatment and protect your skin, use a moisturizer with 30+ SPF to protect your skin from sun exposure. Avoid medications that may cause excess bleeding and speak to your doctor about discontinuing antibiotics. Avoid using retinoids that could cause skin sensitivity. Avoid smoking and drink lots of water before and after your Sciton BBL treatment.

On the day of your treatment, do not wear makeup or other skin care products. When you schedule your appointment, our team will let you know the best ways to get ready for the treatment.

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